Ephemera Town
A personal project combining illustration, collage and my growing collection of original paper ephemera (tickets, vintage lables, matchboxes and more.)
Virginia's Garden
Step into a magical garden filled with animals, fantastic creatures and little monsters. Virginia's world is full of wonder and surreal characters. An ongoing illustration project.
Giuliva the Duck
Funny characters, colorful costumes and the heartwarming adventures of a little duck named Giuliva. A combination of watercolors and collage techniques.
Swan Lake
A selection of illustrations for Swan Lake published in France by Editions Auzou.
Witches are a key character in many classic fairytales. Young or old, good or bad, this is an ongoing collection of illustrations based on my favourite villains.
The Unconventional Sorceress
Witches, enchantresses, beldames and queens of the darkest realms. Watercolors with collage elements.
Rainy Days
A series of illustrations inspired by my love for the rain.
Topsy Turvy Animals
Discover the wonders of a world below the surface. This series of fantastic animals created for Gallery Nucleus is an ongoing project and more creatures will arrive in the future.
A selection of illustrations for the picture book series written by Oliver Clerc and published by Flammarion Jeunesse.
Into the Forest
Exploring new paths keeps my interest for illustration alive. Walking into a snowy forest, I found a fox and a deer. Painted with watercolors on a base of dry point etching using tetrapak plates.
In Between Houses
In between children's art and fantasy, in between watercolors and collage, in between new colors and old ephemera. They describe well my tendency to mix techniques and be in two minds about my future. I could live in each of them and maybe I do.
Black Beauty
A selection of illustrations based on Anna Sewell's classic middle grade novel. Published in Italy by Edizioni EL/Einaudi Ragazzi
Everyone in the forest seems to have a place, except for Rambaldo. He tried hard, but never fits in. When Pepper the mouse disappears he sets out to find him and flies all the way to the other side of the mountain. A story project in progress.
The Invisible Cities
Illustrations based on Italo Calvino's popular novel.
Leap of Faith
Drypoint etching is a versatile medium that can be combined with other elements once the prints dry. In this case I printed the design with an ultramarine ink and added colored pencil details and collage. The different palettes make for two very different original illustrations.
Near the Hedgerow
A collection of small drypoint etchings of animals and garden critters
Cuttlebone Island
Concept illustrations and character design.
Sasha and the Wolfcub
Illustrations for the book series written by Ann Jungman and published by Faber Childrens.
A boar in the elevator
"Un Cinghiale in Ascensore" is a fun story written by Barbara Pumhoesel and published in Italy by Giunti Editore. Here's a selection of the interior illustrations.
Imaginary Places
Victorian greenhouses, chalets, lost islands and tree houses. Captured by time traveller with a black and white camera, this is a collection of imaginary places that I wish would truly exist.
The Little King
A selection of illustrations for the picture book 'Voglio fare il re', written by Cristina Bellemo and published by Lilliput/ELI Edizioni.
Kings, queens, and little animals appear often on the pages of my sketchbook and on the small bits of leftover paper on my table. This page is dedicated to them, as they seem to belong to the same watercolor world.
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