Book cover illustration for Sasha and the Wolfcub. Boy befriends a little cub in a snowy forest
"You're not very big for a wolf," said Sasha.
"And you're not very big for a man," snapped the wolf.
Sasha has always been taught that wolves are dangerous, but when he finds himself lost out in the snow with Ferdy, a wolfcub, he discovers they are not so different. But how can he persuade his village that the wolves can be their friends?
Gaia Bordicchia's gorgeous illustrations whisk you away to a Russian winter long long ago . . .
Black and white illustration of a boy sleeping hugging a wolfcub
Black and white illustration of a snowy russian village. A boy on a chariot pulled by three horses is passing through
Ink illustration of Sasha hugging his father.
Ink illustration of a traditional russian dance
Ink illustration of a russian village with people celebrating in traditional clothes
Black and white illustration of a boy in a snowy forest, holding a rifle against a wolf
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